If you have made arrangements to continue access to the full-text ebooks that formerly comprised the Greenwood databases, you may download MARC records here.

Please note, the URLs in these MARC records will point to the ABC-CLIO ebook platform, not to a database. Additionally, if you loaded a MARC record for a Greenwood database prior to the transition, you will need to replace that record with a new one. Instructions for this process can be found here.

If you have any problems downloading or using these MARC records, please contact Tech Support at 800-368-6868 x188.

The Library of Congress provides additional information about MARC records.

Instructions for MARC Record Retrieval
Instructions for Database Customers
Download MARC records for the following products:
Greenwood Legacy Databases (all 6 modules in one file)
African American Experience
American Indian Experience
Latino American Experience
Daily Life through History
Daily Life America
Pop Culture Universe